• 06.12.2017

    K&W develops in cooperation with axeed AG innovative and specific axeed frontend solutions/apps for banks, asset managers, family offices & insurances.
    Due to the expertise of K&W in the area of web-design and -development with modern technologies like Angular JS, axeed has chosen K&W Software AG as an engineering-partner for future collaboration.

    Memo Dener, CEO axeed AG:
    „For axeed AG it is core business to develop and deploy user specific frontend solutions for finance industry in “swiss quality”. We are pleased to announce that we found with K &W a banking approved partner with the required technical skills and experience.“

    Ulrich Jacobi, CEO K&W Software AG:
    „K&W is a software boutique specializing in the financial industry, focusing on the agile development of increasingly complex and technologically challenging front-end solutions with good UX design.
    It is an exciting opportunity to support axeed AG as a long-term partner, and to help offer its customers even more valuable and innovative solutions.”

    Together with K&W a first project will be the development and rollout of a new and specific front-end extension out of axeeds lab’s.
    The new product will be available on the market by the end of Q1 in 2018.