• Tablet consultation creates a new client experience

    As a modern institution, surprise your clients by meeting and exceeding their present needs through the use of solid but modern tools, without losing the personal touch. With a very low entry hurdle kw Advisory Tablet allows you to immediately enter the world of mobile consulting on a professional level. We also offer kw Advisory Tablet as Software-as-a-Service.


    Mobile online / offline solution

    Selected advisory content can be used without a network connection, thanks to the built-in offline capability and intelligent synchronisation with the advisory server.

    Leading-edge technology

    The kw Advisory Tablet uses leading edge technology and protects your investment for the future. The solution, implemented in HTML 5, can be used not only on the iPad but also on all standard tablet platforms.


    • Appealing interface
    • Electronic document folder
    • Advisory server as central access point
    • Integration in existing IT landscape
    • Audit trail of advisory processes
    Your very personal advisory tool.