• Innovative, efficient and audit-proof product family for individualised client advisement

    Client advisement is caught between growing client expectations, rigorous compliance demands and increasing time and pricing pressures, which must result in an increase in efficiency. Many financial service providers have singled out digitised financial advisory as a crucial strategic success factor. The kw Advisory Suite purposefully supports this industrialisation.

    Multiple channels, a sole philosophy

    The kw Advisory Suite is a modular system which industrialises and digitises your advisory processes. We deliver client-centred solutions covering all classic advisory topics based on current market practice. The central advisory server guarantees security and invariably consistent data, whether on the advisors desktop, advisory tablet or client self-service.

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    Modular, individual and compliant

    Modules can be utilised individually or can be cleverly combined. For each area of application and channel you select the desired functional scope. Hereby is ensured that each scope fulfills the regulatory obligations of an optimal solution.