• Using the kw Advisory Suite both the fulfilment of regulatory duties as well as the investment advice itself can be transformed into a positive and educational client experience.

    Robust, structured and transparent advisory

    A key factor to successful client acquisition and nurturing in asset management lies in standing out through robust, structured and transparent advisory and investment processes. For this reason, the tools used to compile client profiles must be constantly improved and redefined. The selection of a fitting strategic allocation is a deciding factor for the client. Illustrating the interplay between risk and revenue as clearly as possible is more important than ever.

    Suitability & Appropriateness

    Professional suitability management encompasses client profiling and advising as well as investment planning and checking & monitoring of product appropriateness. The kw Advisory Suite supports these processes in a transparent and user-friendly manner using the kw RuleEngine. Customised and best-practice rule sets are maintained for areas such as: Cross-border, Client service, Product distribution

    360° Client view

    The better you know your client the better service you can provide them with. For this reason the kw Advisory Suite products cover all current advisory topics and consolidates the different data in the client centre, to form a comprehensive 360° view which serves as the source for each client interaction.

    Intuitive user interface created according to state-of-the-art user experience design.


    • Flexible workflows
    • Advisement protocol
    • Professional client documentation
    • Available as Avaloq Banklet
    • Access through desktop and tablet
    Inspire your investment clients – efficient and professional.