• Efficient processes which renew current mortgages as well as aid in the acquisition of new clients are the key to sustainable revenue. Clear and competent client advisement sets the cornerstone for the cultivation of long-term client relationships. The module property financing from the kw Advisory Suite supports your strategic goal-setting.

    Sales promotion and Safeguarding

    With innovative calculation-engines, tax advantages and savings potential as opposed to rental property can be demonstrated while simultaneously, for your own protection, the correlation between affordability and financing can be playfully communicated.
    All data relevant for the viewing are either gathered during the client consultation or – if available – automatically accessed from the client centre.

    Sample screen from the financing advisement. The work-flow support allows
    efficient, goal-directed working.

    Flexibly designed offers

    The key factor to successful client acquisition and maintenance is the flexibility and the agility to carefully assess client needs and make individually customised offers. At the same time the effort for drafting the offer should be kept to a minimum. Here the modular Product and Conditions system of the kw Advisory Suite provides you with optimal support. If necessary, you can propose special offers to the client in addition to the basic products and adjust all conditions, regardless of whether it is an initial financing or a re-mortgage. The automatic interest import guarantees invariably accurate interest rates.


    • Affordability calculation
    • Multiple financing variants
    • Binding offer
    • Advisory margins
    • Client output
    • Credit authorisation process
    • 360 degree client view


    • Playful, appealing advisory interface
    • Audit trail of advisory processes
    • Available as Avaloq Banklet
    • Access via browser and tablet

    Build on our solutions and win additional clout in the financing world.